Save Money by Traveling With Tag Springfield Luggage

The last thing you want to worry about when you are going on vacation is how much it will cost to bring your favorite clothing to wear. Airlines are raising fees on checked and overweight bags which add to the cost of going on vacation. Older rolling carry-on bags typically weigh about 15 pounds, but newer 7- to 10-pound rolling luggage leaves more of the weight allowance for your clothes. Travel experts say it’s more important than ever to pack light as airlines get stricter about size and weight limits.

So, taking this advice, I decided to shop for a newer, more cost effective set of luggage. I searched and researched for the best luggage that would best fit my needs. I was happy to say I found a great set. I was happy to find very sturdy luggage with out a crazy price. It is Tag Springfield 5-piece Navy Luggage Set.

It was a great value for the money. I loved the look of the luggage. It didn’t appear cheap at all, and the size of the bags are great! It did its job well on an international flight. It has lots of room and pockets to put anything you need in. I was able to bring everything I needed on my trip because of the roominess of this set and because of the light-weight this luggage offers. I didn’t go over the weight limit. All of the sizes of the bags are perfect! I also would recommend avoiding buying luggage that has hard sides unless you’re carrying fragile items. It doesn’t hold as much as soft-sided luggage with the same exterior dimensions, and is harder to fit into overhead compartments because it doesn’t flex. Tag Springfield 5-piece Navy Luggage Set is made of durable 600d cross-weave polyester that will last for years to come.

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Long Distance Bicycling; Springfield MO to Wichita KS

What is the furthest you have ever ridden on a long-distance cycling excursion? Well are you up for a whopper of a challenge; Lance Armstrong style? If so have you ever considered the journey between Springfield MO and Wichita KS as an endurance challenge?

After considering this for many months, I have indeed some advice for you; when we make this ride we will indeed pick a day when there is little wind, as the winds on the flats of Kansas can get a little tricky indeed. A 20 to 30 knot headwind is not uncommon and of course we all know the area as Tornado Alley.

Once we pick a really good day for this ride we will go for it; some 262 miles in all. Yes it is very much downhill from Springfield onto the Kansas flats. We will need to start at just prior to sunrise to make it good and beat the traffic out of town and get a jump on the day.

We head out of town on Hwy 266, which turns into the 96. We follow the 96 to Carthage. We then take the diagonal cutoff on the 171, short clip and dangerous narrow road, but only about 8-miles or so, which makes a hard left and ends up the Kansas 400 Highway to Wichita.

Now then we must maintain a 20-mile per hour average and that should be quite easy on the first 65 miles until we hit the Kansas flats. The first 50 miles in Kansas are rolling hills and then the rest is flat. Nevertheless this ride is not for the non-conditioned novice, as an intermediate rider might be able to make it, but a novice needs to break it into 2 or even a 3-day ride. Consider all this in 2006.

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