Corey d hughes

A life-long Willamette Valley-dweller, Corey has grown up in Cottage Grove. Before coming to FBCS, Corey was at FBC Cottage Grove for over a decade, serving as Pastor’s Assistant and working with children and youth. Corey also worked at KFC for several years and worked a couple hotel jobs, including a summer in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Corey attended Lane Community College for a few years and then transferred to Eugene Bible College (now New Hope Christian College) where he completed a Bachleor’s degree in Christian Education in 2005. He is also involved in our American Baptist camps at Camp Arrah Wanna, serving on the board of directors for Camp Arrah Wanna, Inc. Corey enjoys seeing and encouraging God’s people, especially children and youth, plug into the local church and be the hands and feet of Jesus, from home to the ends of the earth.

Corey’s interests include reading or watching any good story from any genre. He has also dabbled in writing some himself. He has enjoyed some rafting and hiking and traveling. He is also a big Oregon Duck basketball fan and always enjoys a good practical joke.