Cruise Business in Springfield Oregon

Although Springfield, Oregon is quite some distance from the coast, it has become a top location for the cruise industry. The cruise business in Springfield, Oregon was ignited by the arrival of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines offices. The 200,000 square foot office building was announced in 2004 and the five year plan has brought thousands of jobs to the area.

The offices will be the home to the national customer service department of this vast company. This cruise business in Springfield, Oregon provides valuable financial advantages through the business that it brings to the area as well as the jobs that it provides. The company pay good wages and the staff receives a number of benefits. Royal Caribbean themselves have provided around 1,000 jobs in the actual office complex but the overall business and jobs associated with such a large employee setting up in the area is much more far reaching. With all the associated business taken into account the number of jobs created will end up being much higher.

Although the decision was made in 2004 to build the office complex and locate this cruise business in Springfield, Oregon, it will actually be more like 2009 before the entire operation is up and running and all the staff in place. The plans were to have at least 600 staff retained in employment in the first 3 years. The remaining 400 or so vacancies will then be available over the next 2 years by which time the operation should be fully functional.

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