Where to Find a Pizza Pie in Springfield, IL

Every once in a while, humans get a fever, and no, the fever doesn’t need any cowbell. What the fever needs is a good slice of pizza, or a few slices if you’re hungry enough. In Springfield, IL there are plenty of places to find pizza, you can find a restaurant around almost every corner if you’re actively looking. However, if you’re wanting to get away from the chain stores like Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, or Domino’s, you’re in luck. There is a great assortment of family owned pizza restaurants in Springfield which have a small business feel in both product and service.

If you’re looking for a place to get a couple slices during your lunch break, look no further than Antonio’s Pizza on MacArthur Blvd. They offer an exceptional pizza, which you can buy by the slice, a service that is disappearing in today’s smaller city environment. However, if you are planning on taking a pie home after work, Antonio’s will still have you covered. What sets Antonio’s apart from the chain restaurants is the crust on which they serve that wonderful assortment of toppings, between the fact that it’s been “floured” to perfection and it has just the right amount of crispness, it’s been known to please patrons.

Another place to get a good pizza in Springfield, IL would be the full service italian restaurant, Bella Milano, on Wabash Ave. Being that this is a sit down restaurant, you can either sit down with a few friends with a pizza or pick it up and take it home. Bella Milano has some good food, but the pizza could be the most popular item on the menu, the sauce is slightly sweet but what really sets it apart from the rest is the cheese they use. It is a pure mozzarella cheese that complements the toppings perfectly, and also is one of those cheeses that stretches for miles when melted. It’s delicious, and is the defining factor of Bella Milano.

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