Top Places to Visit in Springfield IL

Springfield Illinois brings thoughts of Abraham Lincoln, cornfields and flat land as far as one can see. Springfield is certainly all of that but is much, much more. There are many fantastic things to see in this fabulous city. Here are just a few of them.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Lincoln Home Historic Site
Dana – Thomas House
Vachel Lindsay House
Lincoln – Herndon Law Offices
Illinois State Museum
Lincoln’s Tomb
Henson Robinson Zoo

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum was finally opened in 2005. Interestingly enough, it took four times as long to make this right museum than the Civil War. There are thousands of artifacts, documents and memorabilia in this fabulous museum. One of the highlights is the wax figures of the President’s family. Along with an excellent gift shop, there is a terrific Subway Restaurant on the premises.

The Lincoln Home Historic Site is filled with furniture, artifacts and memorabilia of this great president. It looks much as it did when he left to go to Washington as President. There is a tremendous gift shop that one can obtain the biographies of the family as well as other artifacts and memorabilia. The last living Lincoln relative was a great grandson who died in 1985, leaving no descendants.

The Dana – Thomas House was designed by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1902. It contains many of the original artifacts and the effects of the family. The Sumac Gift Shop offers many reproduction items of the time as well as books and artifacts.

The Vachel Lindsay House contains the furniture, artifacts and many of the writings of this famous poet.

The Lincoln – Herndon Law Offices contains things, artifacts and memorabilia from Abraham Lincoln’s life as a lawyer in Springfield.

The Illinois State Museum is a charming family museum. There is a fantastic children’s section called The Mary Ann MacLean Play Museum. The Peoples of the Past exhibit offers life size exhibits of what life was like in early Indian life in Illinois. The At Home in the Heartland exhibit teaches what life was like 300 years ago in Illinois. There is an excellent Museum shop on site offering books and artifacts.

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