I grieve today

I Grieve Today With a Heart Open to God, by Pastor Jeff

In the wake of the horrific and senseless killings in Roseburg,

I grieve today . . .
. . . for precious lives lost, and dreams destroyed;
. . . for broken-hearted parents, and traumatized students;
. . . for the loss of our children’s innocence, and our leaders’ lack of will to act;
. . . for a nation of people committed more to individual rights, than to the common good;
. . . over our compulsion to argue across the divide, and our refusal to come together for mercy’s sake;
. . . for a society addicted to fear, and anaesthetized to violence;
. . . for prayer reduced to platitude and disconnected from the fruit of the Spirit.

I grieve today . . .
. . . not as those who have no hope, seeing only death and despair;
. . . believing in the power of love, and word of life;
. . . praying that justice will roll down like waters, and righteousness as an ever-flowing stream;
. . . calling the Spirit of God to come as a mighty wind to shake and fill the Church with power;
. . . asking God to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable;
. . . in the trembling knowledge that the fulfillment of my prayer begins with me.

I grieve today with a heart open to God, in whom all things are possible.