Made Academy

This summer, our eco-explorers will investigate firsthand the characteristics of different natural habitats in Oregon.

Tuesdays will be devoted to planning for our field trip of the week, accessing online resources on new Chromebooks.

Wednesdays, we will venture to our destination, explore the habitat, and document its features using compasses, handheld GPS trackers, and digital cameras.

Thursdays, we will re-cap our field trip, document our activities on Powerpoint presentations and videos, and express our learning in music, movement, drama, puppetry and arts and crafts.

An important part of Eco-Explorers 2015 will involve the kid- and family-friendly pastimes of letterboxing and geocaching. Each of these hobbies have guidelines and practices our eco-explorers will learn over the summer. Both involve waterproof boxes or other containers hidden by their creators; clues to their locations are posted on letterbox and geocache websites. Using handheld GPS locators, compasses, maps and other clues, seekers find the container, examine its contents, leave evidence of visiting the site, and sometimes swap trinkets with those placed by the owner. We will also create and hide a letterbox or geocache in every destination we visit!

During the last week in July, we’re inviting eco-explorers to attend Camp Arrah Wanna with FBCS children. This is an important opportunity for many children to experience the spiritual dimension of God’s creation. Many sense the Divine while exploring the natural environment, but realize its full impact in church camp. We want to offer that experience to those who are led.

The final weeks of our summer program will involve longer Wednesdays, as we travel to more distant destinations in Oregon. Many children attending Eco-Explorers have not visited such sites as the multiple waterfalls of the Silver Falls trails, the tide pools in Yachats, the lava beds in Oregon’s high desert, or Crater Lake. We will be traveling to these locations in a large van to enjoy activities together as we come and go.

We look forward to sharing our adventures with Eco-Explorer families and FBCS friends at our end-of-summer celebration on August 21. Please save the date on your calendar now!